10 Ways To Keep A Man Interested In You

10 Ways to Keep A Man Interested In You

Good Relationships Take Effort! Here are 10 Things You Can Do to Keep Yours.
Couple In Love

Are you struggling to keep your man interested and make him desire you more? Discover these 10 simple yet powerful tips to make him find you irresistible and keep him coming back for more. You deserve a passionate and healthy relationship, start now and make it happen.

Be confident and independent.

Instilling the confidence that he needs requires you to be independent and confident in yourself. A clingy and demanding attitude can often create an uncomfortable and unpleasant atmosphere when dealing with a man who is simply trying to figure you out. This means showing faith in yourself and allowing your relationship to blossom naturally. Let him discover your strengths on his own and you will come off as more attractive and appealing to him than if you appear overly-needy and insecure.

Be independent with your thoughts, feelings, decisions, and lifestyle. Give him space to become engaged in who you are without being overbearing or suffocating him by constantly checking up on him or demanding his attention at all times. Showing independence grants freedom of exploration while also making it possible for him to explore the freedom of actually getting to know you rather than passing judgment due to pressure or insecurity.

Demonstrating a relaxed attitude allows the time necessary for trust and familiarity within the relationship, which builds bridges rather than walls around a man's heart that are difficult for any type of relationship to overcome – even one that has a foundation built on love! Displaying signs of self-confidence by taking control over your life encourages growth within yourself as well as in the relationship.

Be open and honest about your feelings and thoughts.

If you want a man to stay interested in you, honesty and open communication are essential. Building trust and being reliable is paramount to any relationship; when it comes to men, they want to know that their feelings, thoughts and concerns will be taken seriously. Being honest and expressing your own feelings allows him to fully understand your perspective and encourages mutual respect within the relationship. It’s important to establish trust right away so that both of you are comfortable in opening up with one another.

Speaking openly allows men a sense of security in knowing that there's nothing being left unsaid or uncared for. When men feel like they can have meaningful conversations with you without the fear of being judged or pushed away, it allows them to be more at ease with expressing themselves honestly as well. This will ultimately create an atmosphere of trust and cooperation between the two of you, building strong foundations for a healthy partnership moving forward.

When something feels off or wrong between partners, having those difficult conversations will always result in better outcomes than leaving them unresolved. By speaking openly about how each of you are feeling or what issues need addressing in the relationship should be done calmly yet without delay if possible; this will help ensure that both parties remain on track while making sure each other’s needs are being met as best as possible. Without such intimate discussions sharing your true sentiments together regularly, it is easy for one person’s understanding about the other person can become skewed over time leading to confusion and resentment on either side of the partnership if ignored for too long.

Show affection and appreciation for him

No one wants to feel like they're not wanted, desired or appreciated. If you want to keep a man interested in you, it's important to demonstrate your love and appreciation for him in a genuine and sincere manner. Showing affection and appreciation for him lets him know that he is valued by you. This can take many forms, from romantic gestures such as flowers or words of affirmation, to physical acts of intimacy like compliments or a hug.

Don't forget about non-physical displays of care either, such as dedicating time to listen to them or talking about mutual interests. Attention and inclusion are powerful ways of bonding and expressing love – making sure your relationship has both these elements will show how invested you are in the partnership while also helping both partners feel connected. Lastly, don’t forget how important it is for men to be respected by their partners – showing respect for his opinions and his feelings will make him feel supported and secure in the relationship.

Although many things can help keep a man interested in you, demonstrating affection and appreciation for him is essential for maintaining the spark alive in any connection. By taking small steps on a regular basis towards expressing your love and admiration for him, you’re making sure that he knows how much he’s wanted, desired and appreciated by his partner every day.

Be supportive of his goals and aspirations.

Everyone wants to have a relationship with someone who supports and encourages them. Being supportive of your man's goals and aspirations is an important way to keep him interested in you. Demonstrate interest in whatever he’s passionate about by listening to him, asking questions, and showing that his opinions matter to you. Showing genuine interest in his dreams will help build trust between you two, making it easier for him to open up and be honest with you.

Not only will being supportive of his goals make him feel like he can trust you more, it will also be beneficial for your relationship. By helping him achieve his dreams, you two become a team and learn how to encourage, motivate and inspire each other. When obstacles come up, working together works much more effectively than facing the challenge alone.

Being supportive doesn’t only mean pushing your man towards success—it means being there for him during difficult times as well by providing emotional support when needed. Taking the time to listen to what he has on his mind will allow him feel heard and understood which are essential for relationships no matter how close or far they are along the journey of love. Going out on dates together or sharing laughs over dinner helps develop deeper connections that show he matters and remind the both of you why this relationship is so special in the first place.

Supporting your man throughout his journey builds loyalty that cannot be bought or forced—attraction comes from feeling appreciated and appreciated makes men stay loyal longer!

Show interest in his life and ask about his day.

Cultivating genuine interest in a man’s life and taking the time to care about the things that matter to him is an important factor in keeping his interest. Showing interest in his day-to-day life and taking a genuine interest in his opinions, concerns, and triumphs can show him that you are interested in more than just superficial aspects of himself.

When he has had a bad day, take time to listen to what he has to say without offering solutions or advice – often all that is needed is a compassionate listener. Showing your concern by asking about what happened can create an even deeper connection between you, as your partner perceives that somebody understands and cares enough to listen.

On the flip side, when your man has accomplished something great during his day at work or in his personal life, take time out of yours to celebrate with him! Whether it’s just listening enthusiastically as he talks through all the details or going out for dinner together as a way of congratulating him on his success – any small gesture can be appreciated by him.

From taking an active role in supporting his endeavors to simply displaying curiosity when it comes to conversations about his day – it's clear how asking about a man's life can be indicative of your overall value for them and keeps them interested!

Show appreciation for the little things he does for you

Showing your appreciation for the little things your partner does can help keep a man interested in you and connected to the relationship. Taking notice of his thoughtfulness and expressing gratitude for his efforts will make him feel valued by you, which is essential to creating a strong bond. Likewise, you should accept his offers of help, attention and love as this will encourage him to keep doing those things for you.

When he does something special or goes out of his way for you, express your gratitude that way he knows how important it is to you and he'll know that the effort he puts into making you happy truly makes a difference. It also pays to acknowledge even smaller gestures like when he makes breakfast in bed or buys your favorite snacks. Letting him know that these small things matter to you reinforces that what he does matters to you and lets him feel appreciated.

This kind of constant recognition from each other creates an emotional connection between partners and can lead to happier relationships if expressed regularly and authentically. Showing appreciation is key in any kind of relationship, so try these tips on how best to show yours!

  • Express your gratitude for his efforts.
  • Let him know that what he does matters to you.
  • Acknowledge even smaller gestures.
  • Create an emotional connection by expressing appreciation regularly and authentically.

Be willing to compromise and work through conflicts together

If you truly want to keep a man interested, then it is important that you are willing to compromise for the benefit of your relationship. Compromise means being able to share and communicate with each other, understanding that each of you has unique needs and come from different backgrounds. When times get tough, it's natural to feel as though giving in isn't an option and deny what is being offered by your partner. However, learning how to negotiate solutions that are beneficial for everyone involved will help cultivate a stable relationship where both of you can thrive emotionally.

It’s never easy when everything is on the line and emotions are running high so make sure both of you take a step back in order to try and remain rational throughout these moments. It’s important not only to find common ground but also respect each others boundaries when communicating in order for solutions to work best. Both of you should strive towards better understanding the situation at hand and learn how best deals can be created together in order maintain a healthy balance between seeming too lenient or too harsh on either end. Listening actively during discussions will also help navigate conflicts without feeling like one party is forced into doing something they're unwilling to do or don't feel comfortable doing so from the start.

Compromise requires open communication so don’t be afraid speak up about your feelings when any issues arise because this will show your willingness toward making a connection despite any conflicts or disagreements during tense conversations. Working through conflicts together can help foster positivity within the relationship but also provide a new perspective on solving problems as long as both parties are willing stay flexible enough until an agreement has been reached by everyone in question.

Show respect for his friends and family

When keeping a man interested in you, it's important to show respect for those closest to him. This includes his mother, siblings, friends, and anyone else in his family. A man feels more confident and secure when he knows that the woman he adores respects the people in his life. Let your man know that you would never do anything to hurt or disrespect them and take the time to get to know them as well.

Doing so will come naturally if you genuinely care about your guy, but if this is a struggle for you then put extra effort into making an effort when spending time with them. It will not go unnoticed by your man and it might even have him falling head over heels for you!

Remember no matter how much someone loves another person, respect is still a huge part of any relationship. And showing respect for family members and friends are key factors when it comes to keeping a man interested in long-term relationships. So take the time to appreciate who is important in his life and make an effort to prove that you’re willing to do whatever it takes for him—including showing love towards his inner circle.

Take initiative to plan special dates and surprises for him

A great way to keep a man interested in you is by taking initiative to plan special dates and surprises for him. A romantic picnic at the park or a special date night with just the two of you can show your man that you’re thinking about him and his needs.

It’s also important to make sure he knows how much he means to you—tell him when something he does makes your day, or send him a sweet text or note expressing your admiration for him. Give him compliments and encourage his goals. Showing appreciation for your partner goes a long way in any relationship, big or small!

Planning special dates and experiences doesn’t have to be expensive either—try setting aside some time in your week just for the two of you, such as an evening spent watching a movie at home with takeout from his favorite restaurant. Make it extra-special by surprising him with tickets to an event he’s been wanting to attend – this way, he knows that even though you may be busy, you still make time for what is important to him.

These simple acts of love can go a long way in reminding your man why it is so great to have you around, not only as a girlfriend but as someone who takes time out of her busy schedule for them. Taking initiative will make all the difference when it comes to keeping a man interested in you!

Keep the physical attraction alive by taking care of yourself.

Physical attraction plays an important role in any relationship, so it's important that women take the time to maintain the physical appeal they have in order to keep a man interested in them. Women can do this by taking care of their physical appearance through healthy eating habits and exercising regularly. This keeps the body toned, which men find attractive. Also, putting effort into clothing and hairstyling helps to keep up her appearance.

Women can also use sex as a tool for keeping a man interested in them. Men generally want and desire sex from their partners on a regular basis, so being willing to please him sexually will keep him coming back for more. Experimenting with new activities may even add some needed spice or excitement into your relationship.

Women should also try to stay emotionally stable by managing stress and seeking out emotional support when needed. A woman that is emotionally mature will remain attractive because she offers stability which men often look for when it comes to relationships. Having enough self-confidence is also very important because it will make her more attractive when she isn’t seeking constant approval from her partner or others around her. Finally, being open-minded and engaging in conversations on topics beyond just tackling everyday boring topics can also bring life into the relationship and draw his attention again over an extended period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are some tips for keeping a man interested?

A1: Here are some tips for keeping a man interested: Show him respect, be honest and open with him, make sure to keep the romance alive, pay attention to what he likes and dislikes, make time for him, be yourself, focus on building trust, be confident, make time for yourself, and show him appreciation.

Q2: How can I build trust in a relationship?

A2: Building trust in a relationship requires time, effort, and communication. It’s important to be honest and open with one another, to make sure each person’s needs are being met, and to be respectful of each other. It’s also important to be patient and understanding of one another’s feelings and needs.

Q3: What are some ways to keep the romance alive?

A3: Here are some ways to keep the romance alive: Spend quality time together, surprise each other with gifts or special gestures, plan spontaneous activities and trips, write love letters to each other, practice acts of kindness, plan romantic dates, and show each other physical affection.

10 Ways to Keep A Man Interested In You

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How To Regain A Mans Interest

How To Regain A Mans Interest!

Think you have lost the man of your dreams forever? THINK AGAIN!
Broken Relationship Man Ignoring Woman

Have you ever wanted to take control of your love life and capture the heart of your significant other? Does your relationship need a spark? Here are some tips to tug at his heartstrings and make him adore you:

Make your Man Want And Desire You Above All Others

When it comes to capturing the heart of your man, nothing shows him more that you truly have his best interests at heart and that you desire him like no other. Making your man feel wanted and cherished can be an exciting journey into the depths of love and infatuation.

Making a man feel as though he is wanted above all others starts with understanding what makes him tick. Everyone has their own likes, dislikes, wants and needs, so take the time to learn about your man’s individual tastes and preferences. When he knows that you are taking into account his opinion in matters important to him it will make him feel valued and appreciated.

Show affection by surprising him with thoughtful gifts or activities tailored towards his interests. This can create a feeling of closeness between the two of you as he feels like you understand and care for who he is as a person. Additionally, simply engaging in conversation with your partner shows him how much interest you have in both himself and the life that try two are creating together.

Lastly, when trying to capture his heart never forget to make yourself emotionally available for your man as well. Showing vulnerability is not always easy but expressing your feelings in both positive moments or conversations around personal difficulties builds intimacy between partners. After all relationships require vulnerability to form an intimate bond- where one partner can feel safe enough to express their true selves without judgment from their other half which will likely foster feelings of wanting- even need- from the other side. So make sure your relationship allows these types of emotions when seeking true companionship within love-capturing his heart this way would be guaranteed success!

Understanding what men want in a relationship

In order to capture the heart of a man and have the relationship that you desire, it’s important to go beyond just physical attraction and understand what men really want. By becoming aware of a man’s innermost desires, you will be better equipped to make your way into his heart.

A man’s ideal relationship is one in which he feels both accepted and appreciated. He also wants someone who will respect him as an individual and treat him with kindness. A woman who understands that each partner in the relationship has their own needs is seen as a catch. It may help for a woman to show her support for her partner even when those around her don’t agree with his decisions; loyalty is highly valued by men when it comes to relationships.

While infatuation might grab a man’s attention initially, what really captures his heart is genuine care and mutual understanding. When it comes to marriage, even more than shared interests or similar backgrounds – which are important – what matters most are selflessness, commitment, and trust between two partners. These qualities should run deep in any successful long-term relationship or marriage – something that women can always keep in mind when pursuing a bond with the right man for them.

Showing him that you’re interested

Capturing the heart of the one you love is no small task. Showing him that you’re interested in a sincere and meaningful way involves more than just words and conveying your feelings. To make sure he knows how you feel, use subtle hints to let him know that you care about him and his feelings.

  • Smiling and laughing when around him demonstrates that you take pleasure in his presence and enjoy being around him.
  • Making eye contact tells him that what he has to say is something that is important to you.
  • By altering your body language when in his presence, such as deliberately leaning closer towards him during a conversation or adopting an inviting posture with open arms indicate warmth and acceptance.

It is important to remember here that it isn’t enough just to notice what he likes – going out of your way showing genuine interest will further demonstrate your affection for him and increase the likelihood of capturing his heart effectively.

Ultimately, using gestures along with words can help give additional hint or signals as to your true feelings for someone, ensuring their affections are truly noticed by their loved one.

Knowing how to flirt effectively

Flirting is an essential key to capture someone’s heart. Flirting not only shows your desire for the other person, but it will also make that person feel wanted and appreciated. It offers not just a playful interaction between two people, but also a chance to put tenderness and love in play. When done correctly, flirting can make a lasting impression that your intended romantic partner won’t easily forget.

Flirting is all about understanding the other person’s body language and knowing how to read their responses in order to properly assess if they recognize the flirtation or not. Flirtation should be subtle yet detailed; keep in mind that even the slightest gesture could mean something deeper that could trigger an infatuation or even more significance heart-to-heart connection.

There’s a fine art to successful flirting — too much of it can scare off a would-be admirer while too little can have them wondering if you’re interested or not. With great finesse and wit, one can take simple acts of admiration and turn them into moments of passion and desire— all through carefully crafted flirt strategies that can bring out true emotions from the other party.

When done with class and confidence, flirtation is certain to pique the admiration of any hot prospect and—at best—have them fall madly in love with you! So sharpen up your skills, pay keen attention to details, listen carefully and practice as often as possible if you really want master this skill and capture somebody’s heart!

Keeping the spark alive in your relationship

Nothing says love better than keeping the spark alive in a relationship. Keeping an emotional bond strong and vibrant takes effort, and there are specific things you can do to capture your significant other’s heart. To keep the fire of desire burning between you, be sure to create unexpected moments that will make your partner feel special and appreciated.

Surprise them with heartfelt gifts, playful challenges or thoughtful gestures like love notes left in unexpected places. It is important to think outside the box when creating these moments as they should be unique, creative and geared towards your partners’ interests. By creating something special that is only between you, it helps build strong emotional bonds that will help keep the relationship strong and keep both of you more connected than ever.

Another great way to capture your partners’ heart is through conversation; engage in meaningful conversations that touch on topics such as aspirations, dreams, successes and goals for the future, such as where do both of you see yourselves in five years? Through this kind of dialogue you can gain insight into their hopes and desires which can help strengthen the bond between both sides. By taking these steps towards ensuring a relationship remains vibrant with sparkle and energy keeps it interesting for all involved parties!

Creating a strong emotional connection

When it comes to capturing someone’s heart and creating a strong emotional connection, the key is focus on what has brought you together in the first place: your mutual desire for each other. Building upon this foundation of interest allows for a bridge to be established between you both that can create a strong bond. This bond allows any feeling of trust, respect and admiration to grow.

When creating this connection, take care not to push too hard or overwhelm your love interest with too much emotion. Instead, allow yourself enough room to express your feelings without becoming overly sentimental or desperate. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open so that both parties are comfortable with expressing themselves in an honest and genuine manner. Respect his feelings just as he should yours and make sure that each of you take the time needed to think about how to best convey yourself during conversations together.

Further develop this emotional connection by taking thoughtful action such as:

  • Remembering personal details about his life
  • Participating in activities he enjoys
  • Offering him words of encouragement when needed

Showing him that you put time into getting know him better will demonstrate your passion while at the same time setting up an atmosphere where a lasting relationship can blossom and grow over time.

Creating shared goals and aspirations

When it comes to capturing a man’s heart, creating shared goals and aspirations is the best way to form a strong bond of love and connection. Having common goals will help you to feel more understood and closer, strengthening the relationship.

Building an atmosphere where both partners actively pray for each other and work together is a powerful tool that can help build bridges over any potential gaps in your relationship. Rather than fighting against each other, couples should strive to work together as teammates in achieving their shared goals. This strategy encourages collaboration, compromise and trust between two people while showing them how they can help each other reach their aims. Being able to understand each other’s feelings better helps foster deeper feelings of love between two people while giving them something they both mutually care about.

Creating shared goals isn’t just limited to relationships, however; many couples choose to work towards their dreams as a unit by pursuing similar passions such as travel or home renovation projects together – an enjoyable way for them both to reach for the stars. Whatever path you decide on, make sure that your connection grows even stronger when conquering obstacles hand in hand!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some tips for capturing his heart?
A: Be yourself, be genuine, be kind, be understanding, make him laugh, show him love and support, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, and always keep the communication lines open.

Q: How do I make him want me more?
A: Let him know that you respect and admire him, be confident in yourself, show him that you can be independent, be supportive and understanding, focus on building a strong emotional connection, and take an interest in the things he likes.

Q: How do I get his attention?
A: Make eye contact with him, don’t be afraid to start a conversation, show him that you’re interested in him, be yourself, don’t be afraid to be playful, and always be positive.


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The 5 Simple Techniques to Capturing a Mans Heart

The 5 Simple Techniques to Capturing a Mans Heart

Psychological desires and needs, triggers that make YOU the only one for him..
Couple In Love

“A girl needs to be two things:
classy as well as amazing .”– Coco Chanel

Whether you’re seeking a long-term companion , or already have one, it pays to have the right communication skills in your relationship .

A critical thing to remember about men is they vary rarely know what, let alone articulate what they want to a partner .

The majority of men weren’t exactly taught how to share their feelings while growing up . So it can be very difficult for them to let their partner know about their wants, needs, and desires .

And this causes all sorts of miscommunication as well as unfulfilled expectations, that can drive a wedge between a couple .

Fortunately , I’m here to give you the inside track to how guys think . Drawing from my experience coaching my clients , here are the Top 5 Techniques to Capturing a Mans Heart:


 # 1: The Right Way To Play Hard To Get

Ok, this could seem like familiar territory , but listen up.

Commonly , a lot of women (and guys too !) try to create attraction by putting on a distant-but- I-might-be-attracted -to-you type of act.

Likewise , these women may wait for a few hours before replying to messages so they don’t look desperate . Worse, they’ll pretend they’re busy , hoping it’ll make the man more interested in them.

However this approach tends to backfire .

Doing this is confusing – and if it keeps happening he’ll ultimately see through this stilted act .

It’s perfectly natural to show interest in a guy , and there’s no need in this day and age to play childish mind games .

Rather , take another approach — one that focuses on authenticity and at the same time gets him interested .

Offer signs that you like him, and be engaged when you’re talking .

Experts find that a man starts falling for a woman as soon as they know that they are wanted.

Regarding the “playing hard to get” idea , it’s about actually keeping busy.

It’s much better to be to be “busy” or “engaged” with all aspects of life. You’ve got your work , social life, leisure activities and various other interests that make you a well-rounded and complete person .

If that makes you unavailable once in a while , that’s a good thing .

Richard Wiseman, author of “59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute”, researched further into this .

He found that individuals that played hard to get gave the perception that they’re a high-value person . Nevertheless , they ADDITIONALLY needed to be enthusiastic toward the other person to successfully create attraction .

That way , it placed the subject in a more balanced and attractive light.

Learn About The ‘Emotional Triggers’ To Activate a Man ‘s Infatuation Response

# 2: Rock His World

Basically , you need to invoke strong emotions within him while you’re together . He’ll then connect those feelings with you, which creates the urge to be with you .

In an MIT study , behavioral researchers discovered that individuals have an automatic reaction of transferring their feelings from one thought to the next.

How does this apply ?

As an example , if you nearly hit another car while driving to work, you would transfer those upset thoughts with you into the office . That previous, unconnected experience would impact the remainder of your workday .

Some call this “emotional mis-attribution” or “psychological leak ” – the human propensity to connect intense feelings to another person , even if they had little to do with it.

Also , it relates to the fact that being physically aroused can easily convert into a sexual attraction. So, if you can find ways to keep things exciting for him – like doing sports or something physically stimulating — then he’ll latch those feelings onto you.

# 3: Laugh at His Jokes

Admittedly , a lot of women respond to this suggestion with a cynical smirk .

But hear me out – this might just be huge for moving things along .

Firstly , I’m not telling you to roll on the floor in hysterics at every one of his awful “dad-jokes”.

But show it when his attempts to amuse you succeed .

Studies show that humor is a big part of intimacy . As you already know, women like guys that are funny or clever as it’s a sign of intelligence (which is an attractive quality).

But studies done by Westfield State College, University of Western Ontario, and McMaster University concluded that “men preferred those who were receptive to their own humor, particularly for sexual relationships.”

It’s not that he wants to be known as “funny” … but more to do with a guy’s desire to be appreciated by his partner .

Trust me , I know plenty of guys that have “recognition” as one of their “must haves” in a relationship. So, valuing his humor and personality is a good place to start .

Use These Scripts To Trigger A Guy ‘s Infatuation Impulse And Watch The Dramatic Difference On How He Responds To You – CLICK HERE

# 4: The Social Butterfly

According to several behavioral studies , you can be significantly more appealing by socializing with your close friends .

As an example , there’s research from Tilburg University in the Netherlands and the University of California which both document what’s referred to as “The Cheerleader Effect.”

This essentially states that a person will see you you as higher-value when you’re seen in a group.

On the surface , you might assume it’s because you’ll appear more sociable or charming . This boosts your appeal without appearing like you’re trying too much .

But there’s another angle to it. You see, the human mind has a tendency of categorizing individual elements (like shapes, objects and people) into a basic group .

This is mostly a hardwired survival habit to not concentrate too much on one individual thing – and instead the whole picture . And this mental-process applies to an individual ‘s social life too .

So as a tip , you can change your social media (and online dating) profile to one with a group of friends . Just make certain it’s obvious who you are in the photo so you don’t disappear in a sea of faces!

Hoping to find a new guy in an event ? Take a few of your best friends with you! Social proof is a genuine phenomenon , so make the most of it .

# 5: Appeal to His Sensual Appetite

No surprise here. Sensual intimacy is a key part of your connection .

Yet you might be shocked — and downright concerned — how many women are lacking in this department .

A lot of them take for granted the power of feminine charm to win a man over .

And I’m not suggesting you begin acting out a scene from an adult movie to get him excited .

I’m telling you to become familiar with a guy’s hot buttons, and learn just how to press them.

For example , women underestimate the immense power of physical touch.

A lot of guys go their entire lives not experiencing the pure pleasure of a reassuring pat on the back, a hug, or other types of affection .

So making use of touch is a great way to ignite a deeper connection — whether it’s brushing against his arm or leg “accidentally ” or placing your hand on his arm for a moment .

Remember, men love the flirty chase , and the delicious experience of the “slow burn.”

And don’t forget , men also love variety when it comes to in between the sheets . So try to to change things up once in a while .

Better yet, talk about any fantasies or desires you may have . What he’s curious to try, and you can tell him your own burning desires .

One more thing – there’s an additional characteristic I forgot to discuss earlier, yet it’s a real game changer .

A study done at Rutgers University found a distinct emotional characteristic in men known as an “emotional tripwire.”

When you understand just how this functions – and how to use it (which is very easy by the way )  your guy will quickly go into a state of intense infatuation.

It’s like a splinter in his mind , and he’ll be incapable of thinking about any other women in a romantic way — except YOU.

There’s a free video presentation teaching this in SHOCKING detail, so make sure you’re sitting down before watching it:

How To Use Infatuation Scripts To Make Him Sure That You’re The One For Him – CLICK HERE

“Infatuation Scripts” Capture His Attention And Heart

“Infatuation Scripts” Capture His Attention And Heart

Infatuation Scripts - Capture His Attention and Heart

The psychological triggers that make YOU the only one for him..

Watch the “Infatuation Scripts” video below to discover why so many men are afraid to commit…

…Plus what makes men finally focus on just one woman.

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#3. How Some Women Can Do “No Wrong” In their Man’s Eyes

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#4. The Critical Connection Between Infatuation And UNCERTAINTY…

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#5. Discover The Power Of  The “Investment Effect”

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#6. Discover How Curiosity Is An Essential Relationship Element

How curiosity is a CRITICAL factor as it will play on a man’s emotions making him obsess over her whenever they are apart… 

Infatuation Scripts – by Clayton Max

Infatuation Scripts

Infatuation Scripts had been developed from cutting-edge research into brain function and relationship psychology.

It shows just how a man’s “infatuation instinct”  can override his resistance to finally making a romantic commitment to just one woman. How it eliminates any logical reasoning he may have for holding back and convinces him that you’re the only one for him.

During this program, you’ll discover the three essential elements needed to activate his infatuation instinct, as well as the potentially relationship-ending mistakes many women make. Learn just what to say & when to say it from the included 96 word-for-word scripts that will change the way he thinks and feels about you.

Infatuation Scripts will work at any stage of a relationship, from the first date to 50th anniversary, they will even work for re-sparking the interest of an ex-boyfriend or husband you want to get back.

… understanding infatuation and relationship triggers, should not be considered game playing or manipulation. These scripts show you how to overcome a man’s inbuilt fears of commitment by showing him what he is not seeing for himself right now and providing a foundation for a long-term relationship.

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