Infatuation Scripts - Capture His Attention and Heart

The psychological triggers that make YOU the only one for him..

Watch the “Infatuation Scripts” video below to discover why so many men are afraid to commit…

…Plus what makes men finally focus on just one woman.

Note: If you are feeling insecure and anxious about your man’s feelings for you & wished you could make him focus all his love and attention on YOU then this is a MUST-SEE Video..

Watch Infatuation Scripts Video to discover…

#1. Why Men Give Out Mixed Signals…

…and why even when they say they are committed they still have wandering eyes..

#2. Discover 3 Little-known Techniques Some Women Use To Take Control Over Men

…how these men quickly become infatuated with them, obsessing over them and desperate to make them theirs.

#3. How Some Women Can Do “No Wrong” In their Man’s Eyes are blinded to their imperfections idealize them, and justifying any flaws…

#4. The Critical Connection Between Infatuation And UNCERTAINTY…

…why men may feel suffocated and question the relationship if they have too much control..

#5. Discover The Power Of  The “Investment Effect”

Why men don’t become infatuated when their women do everything for them & how making them work/invest in the relationship gives it more value & increases their infatuation…

#6. Discover How Curiosity Is An Essential Relationship Element

How curiosity is a CRITICAL factor as it will play on a man’s emotions making him obsess over her whenever they are apart… 

Infatuation Scripts – by Clayton Max

Infatuation Scripts

Infatuation Scripts had been developed from cutting-edge research into brain function and relationship psychology.

It shows just how a man’s “infatuation instinct”  can override his resistance to finally making a romantic commitment to just one woman. How it eliminates any logical reasoning he may have for holding back and convinces him that you’re the only one for him.

During this program, you’ll discover the three essential elements needed to activate his infatuation instinct, as well as the potentially relationship-ending mistakes many women make. Learn just what to say & when to say it from the included 96 word-for-word scripts that will change the way he thinks and feels about you.

Infatuation Scripts will work at any stage of a relationship, from the first date to 50th anniversary, they will even work for re-sparking the interest of an ex-boyfriend or husband you want to get back.

… understanding infatuation and relationship triggers, should not be considered game playing or manipulation. These scripts show you how to overcome a man’s inbuilt fears of commitment by showing him what he is not seeing for himself right now and providing a foundation for a long-term relationship.

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