How to Capture and Hold Their Heart

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Infatuation Scripts – By Clayton Max

Cutting edge research into male psychology has uncovered the brain science behind a man’s “Infatuation Instinct”

Infatuation Scripts explains how this “infatuation instinct” totally overrides a male’s historical fears of commitment, by removing all doubt and logical reasoning he had for holding back and making a commitment, it finally makes him positive you are the one and only woman for him!

Infatuation Scripts

With this program, you will discover..

  1. The three critical keys needed to activate a man’s infatuation instinct.
  2. Biggest mistakes women make which cause men to pull away.
  3. Exactly what you need to say to change the way he feels about you.
  4. “96” Word for Word scripts to capture his heart

Infatuation Scripts work at any stage of a relationship, it does not matter if ..

  • you’re just getting to know each other
  • been dating for years
  • are married
  • or even if your relationship that’s ended and you want to get him back

… it explains how to do all this authentically, without feeling like you are being manipulative or playing any games.

What’s Included..
The program comes in a 107-page PDF, with versions for reading on a Kindle or in an iBook.
+ Bonus Audio Version for listening in the car, or while working out.

OPTIONAL – Video Version for people who prefer visual learning.


  • The Commitment Calculator
  • Make Any Man Yours For Life
  • Why Men Shut Women Out

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