The 5 Simple Techniques to Capturing a Mans Heart

Psychological desires and needs, triggers that make YOU the only one for him..
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“A girl needs to be two things:
classy as well as amazing .”– Coco Chanel

Whether you’re seeking a long-term companion , or already have one, it pays to have the right communication skills in your relationship .

A critical thing to remember about men is they vary rarely know what, let alone articulate what they want to a partner .

The majority of men weren’t exactly taught how to share their feelings while growing up . So it can be very difficult for them to let their partner know about their wants, needs, and desires .

And this causes all sorts of miscommunication as well as unfulfilled expectations, that can drive a wedge between a couple .

Fortunately , I’m here to give you the inside track to how guys think . Drawing from my experience coaching my clients , here are the Top 5 Techniques to Capturing a Mans Heart:


 # 1: The Right Way To Play Hard To Get

Ok, this could seem like familiar territory , but listen up.

Commonly , a lot of women (and guys too !) try to create attraction by putting on a distant-but- I-might-be-attracted -to-you type of act.

Likewise , these women may wait for a few hours before replying to messages so they don’t look desperate . Worse, they’ll pretend they’re busy , hoping it’ll make the man more interested in them.

However this approach tends to backfire .

Doing this is confusing – and if it keeps happening he’ll ultimately see through this stilted act .

It’s perfectly natural to show interest in a guy , and there’s no need in this day and age to play childish mind games .

Rather , take another approach — one that focuses on authenticity and at the same time gets him interested .

Offer signs that you like him, and be engaged when you’re talking .

Experts find that a man starts falling for a woman as soon as they know that they are wanted.

Regarding the “playing hard to get” idea , it’s about actually keeping busy.

It’s much better to be to be “busy” or “engaged” with all aspects of life. You’ve got your work , social life, leisure activities and various other interests that make you a well-rounded and complete person .

If that makes you unavailable once in a while , that’s a good thing .

Richard Wiseman, author of “59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute”, researched further into this .

He found that individuals that played hard to get gave the perception that they’re a high-value person . Nevertheless , they ADDITIONALLY needed to be enthusiastic toward the other person to successfully create attraction .

That way , it placed the subject in a more balanced and attractive light.

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# 2: Rock His World

Basically , you need to invoke strong emotions within him while you’re together . He’ll then connect those feelings with you, which creates the urge to be with you .

In an MIT study , behavioral researchers discovered that individuals have an automatic reaction of transferring their feelings from one thought to the next.

How does this apply ?

As an example , if you nearly hit another car while driving to work, you would transfer those upset thoughts with you into the office . That previous, unconnected experience would impact the remainder of your workday .

Some call this “emotional mis-attribution” or “psychological leak ” – the human propensity to connect intense feelings to another person , even if they had little to do with it.

Also , it relates to the fact that being physically aroused can easily convert into a sexual attraction. So, if you can find ways to keep things exciting for him – like doing sports or something physically stimulating — then he’ll latch those feelings onto you.

# 3: Laugh at His Jokes

Admittedly , a lot of women respond to this suggestion with a cynical smirk .

But hear me out – this might just be huge for moving things along .

Firstly , I’m not telling you to roll on the floor in hysterics at every one of his awful “dad-jokes”.

But show it when his attempts to amuse you succeed .

Studies show that humor is a big part of intimacy . As you already know, women like guys that are funny or clever as it’s a sign of intelligence (which is an attractive quality).

But studies done by Westfield State College, University of Western Ontario, and McMaster University concluded that “men preferred those who were receptive to their own humor, particularly for sexual relationships.”

It’s not that he wants to be known as “funny” … but more to do with a guy’s desire to be appreciated by his partner .

Trust me , I know plenty of guys that have “recognition” as one of their “must haves” in a relationship. So, valuing his humor and personality is a good place to start .

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# 4: The Social Butterfly

According to several behavioral studies , you can be significantly more appealing by socializing with your close friends .

As an example , there’s research from Tilburg University in the Netherlands and the University of California which both document what’s referred to as “The Cheerleader Effect.”

This essentially states that a person will see you you as higher-value when you’re seen in a group.

On the surface , you might assume it’s because you’ll appear more sociable or charming . This boosts your appeal without appearing like you’re trying too much .

But there’s another angle to it. You see, the human mind has a tendency of categorizing individual elements (like shapes, objects and people) into a basic group .

This is mostly a hardwired survival habit to not concentrate too much on one individual thing – and instead the whole picture . And this mental-process applies to an individual ‘s social life too .

So as a tip , you can change your social media (and online dating) profile to one with a group of friends . Just make certain it’s obvious who you are in the photo so you don’t disappear in a sea of faces!

Hoping to find a new guy in an event ? Take a few of your best friends with you! Social proof is a genuine phenomenon , so make the most of it .

# 5: Appeal to His Sensual Appetite

No surprise here. Sensual intimacy is a key part of your connection .

Yet you might be shocked — and downright concerned — how many women are lacking in this department .

A lot of them take for granted the power of feminine charm to win a man over .

And I’m not suggesting you begin acting out a scene from an adult movie to get him excited .

I’m telling you to become familiar with a guy’s hot buttons, and learn just how to press them.

For example , women underestimate the immense power of physical touch.

A lot of guys go their entire lives not experiencing the pure pleasure of a reassuring pat on the back, a hug, or other types of affection .

So making use of touch is a great way to ignite a deeper connection — whether it’s brushing against his arm or leg “accidentally ” or placing your hand on his arm for a moment .

Remember, men love the flirty chase , and the delicious experience of the “slow burn.”

And don’t forget , men also love variety when it comes to in between the sheets . So try to to change things up once in a while .

Better yet, talk about any fantasies or desires you may have . What he’s curious to try, and you can tell him your own burning desires .

One more thing – there’s an additional characteristic I forgot to discuss earlier, yet it’s a real game changer .

A study done at Rutgers University found a distinct emotional characteristic in men known as an “emotional tripwire.”

When you understand just how this functions – and how to use it (which is very easy by the way )  your guy will quickly go into a state of intense infatuation.

It’s like a splinter in his mind , and he’ll be incapable of thinking about any other women in a romantic way — except YOU.

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